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Tuesday, 25 October 2005
Moving to MI!!!!
Mood:  happy
Topic: Life
So I think I'm moving to MI! FINALLY LIFE'S LOOKING UP!!! I can't fucking wait! Raina and I are headed out after the court date! I'm not sure about ALL of the details yet, but I know that everything will fall into place soon! My friend Kristi is going to help me get a job that I can live with and apartments there are dirt cheap! Like $400 with utilities included for a 2 bedroom!!! I mean unbelievable! Even if I have to work at fucking walmart for a month or two, I'll be able to afford that!

So I woke up at like 4am with vomiting and dying rear! I was in bed all day and still don't feel right! I did manage to hold down a p-nut butter and banana sandwich earlier! So I ate some bland as hell popcorn tonight! I haven't thrown up yet....hopefully I won't!

Adam called me today and was talking to me about real life things....usually we talk about shit that doesn't matter! He was talking to me about money and moving and all the things that really matter in life! Times are hard for all of us I suppose...I see myself looking so hard for a a way out of his arms, but when I finally see the light he calls me and tells me that he misses me....or he's real with me! I want so badly to get away from commetment...I have no idea why, but he always finds a way to keep me from doing so! Adam's a wonderful guy! He works hard to keep his life rolling smoothly, at keeping me happy, and at making sure that Raina's involved with all that goes on with us! In fact he's coming tomorrow to visit us and he's going with us to Boo at the Zoo this weekend! Raina loves him and I think I'm falling....I just HATE to say that...I can say that he's the first guy that I've dated that actually cares about both of us equally! He would jump infront of a bus for either one of us!

Ok enough about him! Chata came over today and told me a story about her sister....I'm not going to tell the story because that's her place, but I do need to say that I love her and I support her actions towards the situation! She's a very respectable person and needs to be praised for her actions today! I would've done something stupid and I'd still be paying for it! Love you tons Chata!
On another note Debbi is absolutely wonderful! She gave me some wonderful ideas for moving and talked to me about somethings that I don't really have the gumption to talk about otherwise! I love both of them to pieces!
Well I'm off to call Adam and get into bed! Talk to you all soon!!!!

Posted by psychosarasblog at 9:54 PM EDT

Wednesday, 26 October 2005 - 2:25 PM EDT

Name: Chata
Home Page:

WoW i just can't believe the to covers of my book, that hold me together, is moving away from me. :( That puts a tear in my eye. But know that we would talk all the time though the phone , internet or our website. But there's still knowing the fact that you guys want be near eoungh for me to escape the "every day life." but we will make the best of everything, i think were pretty good at that alease. lol! but to adam, i do believe the reason you dont want to say the "L" word is becaue you heart is so protected from all the asshole that you talk too, that your just not sure about letting this guy in. But i really thing that adam is a pretty cool guy and hopefully it will get better along the way. I really thank you for giving me that little shot out about the people that i have to work with on regular basis.
love ya lots guys.

Friday, 28 October 2005 - 5:37 PM EDT

Name: Sara

Chata Hunny we will always stay close through here and over the phone! It's very hard for me to go and leave you behind...but I think that you know it's the best thing for me considering all the shit I go through daily in this house! Raina and I desurve so much better! I know it will be hard, but stick to your schoolwork and remember that this is what you need to make it! Just as what I'm doing is what I need to do to make it!
Love you tons sweetness!

Sunday, 30 October 2005 - 12:05 AM EDT

Name: Debbi
Home Page: http://debbi4343,

Hey Sara, I am all behind you on the move, but at the same time, very sad that Chata will still be here. I have a feeling that Chata may make a move someday too. Never know. Life is funny that way. We will continue to stay in touch. It won't be quite the same, not being able to just hop in the car and be at one anothers house in a few. I will miss you and Raina. I am so glad you two came into my life. Always a pleasure to know good people.

Sounds like Adam may work out real good. You two seem to be hitting it off. And, Raina loves him. What a plus !! I wish you all the best on your move. And, glad I could help in any way what so ever. You are wonderful too, Sara !! Luv Ya !!

Hope you are feeling better now. Really sucks to be sick.

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